The salt we use is among the best in the world – and it comes from the crystal clear waters that lap the beach right in front of the resort. There, in the dry season, local farmers harvest the sun-dried salt through a series of sand and earth filters using traditional methods unchanged over centuries. Their labour-intensive craft is under threat from faster, easier processing methods , so we encourage them to continue by buying their salt for a higher price, giving them a share of profits from sales to our guests, and helping them see that people value their hard work.

The salt they produce is more than a match for the expensive gourmet fleur de sel popular in Europe: unlike common salt (sodium chloride), it contains trace minerals such as calcium and magnesium chloride, giving it a stronger, more complex flavour that lingers longer on the tongue thanks to the higher moisture content (up to 10% compare to 0.5%). Like wine grapes, the flavour is influenced by the territory, giving the salt from Balila Beach its unique flavour. Please do purchase the salt from our restaurant, and play a part in supporting our local farmers.