Seeds are so important in our life, but often not appreciated enough because they are small and nondescript. Yet they are the beginning of the nutrition cycle, they protect and nourish, are the key for reproduction – and they already have all the power of a plant within! We believe that everybody should grow some of their own food somehow. There’s no way to accurately describe the taste of freshly harvested produce – even a little pot of herbs is enough to make someone happy! So we collect the seeds from our garden and give them as gift to encourage our guests to make a start – to eat them raw or cooked, make oil from them, use them as medicine, even string them together as beads. And we named our restaurant Seeds to drive home the grow-it-yourself message.

We believe in the saying that’ food shall be your medicine’ and ‘you become what you eat’. The principles of our Seeds kitchen are purity, simplicity, health-giving – and above all, respect for both the freshest ingredients and the cooking skills. Our meals are eco friendly because we aim to use locally grown and produced, instead of imported, ingredients So you won’t find chia seeds in our recipes We are strictly palm oil-free, and only use pure coconut oil, made by women from our local village, (though we do use imported virgin olive oil for our salad and pesto). And of course we love using fruit, vegetables and herbs from our garden.