Diving & Snorkelling


Amed and Tulamben are arguably the best dive sites in Bali – and our resort is right in the middle, about 15 minutes from each. Diving off Amed is an easy and relaxing experience; most of the sites are shallow and accessible from the shore or by a very short boat trip, and there is little or no current and good visibility –perfect for those learning to five, or inexperienced divers. The black volcanic sand (Gunung Agung looms on the horizon) creates an unusual contrast with the colourful corals and critters, exciting muck divers and underwater Macro photographers out to spot the rare ghost Pipefish, Pygmy Seahorse and Mimic Octopus. We will happily connect you with some well regarded and highly experienced dive shops in Amed and Tulamben.


Freediving is the art of controlling your breath underwater, which ultimately accords you the freedom to enjoy the beauty and silence of the underwater world. Supported by yoga and meditation practice, you learn special breathing techniques on the path to becoming a responsible freediver. This sport takes you back to your roots and allows you to release life stress by immersing into the deep and calm waters. We can connect you to an experienced freediving school in Amed.


We’re lucky to have a house reef just off our beach. It’s way off the beaten track for snorkelers staying in Amed further south, so you will be able to bask in the underwater beauty and enjoy the colourful corals and reef fish undisturbed. There are also three easy snorkelling spots in Amed – we can arrange for a fisherman to take you there on his jukung. And the more adventures may like to snorkel above the Liberty ship wreck in Tulamben.

For the house reef we can rent you some snorkelling mask and fins, if you go to Amed or Tulamben you will find many rental places.